“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R. Covey

FACT: Individuals and Companies Lacking Engagement Fall Short of Success

It’s not uncommon for individuals and groups to find themselves in a place of not really “showing up.” This can be in their life or work, or alternatively, working hard but lacking meaning, balance or passion. The reality is, how we function in life is a direct reflection of our understanding of what truly matters to us, individually and as a group. If we don’t stop and take the time to reflect on what makes us who we are, we can find ourselves running on automatic pilot, without spark, direction or passion in life. Until we come to understand that ambition and motivation cannot truly take the place of inspiration and conviction, everyone suffers.


Challenges in Your Corporate Environment

Corporations are facing new challenges by their most valuable resource – people.

Care must be taken in order for this most important asset to perform at its highest potential.

  • Sales professionals face challenges with achieving ever-increasing sales targets and competition.
  • Managers are seeking to build strong productive teams among employee turnover.
  • Business leaders are looking to keep the vision of the company on course.

Help is Needed to Improve Teamwork in the Workplace

The data in North America and Worldwide shows a decline in employee engagement in the workplace.


70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work

Source: Gallup – State of American Workplace report Feb 2017


U.S. Employees not engaged: 51%, disengaged: 16%

Source: Gallup – Workplace Disruption: From Annual Reviews to Coaching, Feb. 2017


Engaged Employees Worldwide: 13%

Source: Gallup – “Can Bad Managers Be Saved?” Dec. 2016

Happiness at Work, Happiness in Life

Ultimately, the heart of what truly matters is defined by the individual, the team and the company. The better each of these above elements are understood and defined, the better the individual or collective group will be aligned, balanced and engaged with what authentically matters to them. Similarly, a company might consider what it needs to do or be in order for its employees to want to engage with and champion the company.

We understand that personal or employee engagement is key to productivity and the overall success of an individual and organization. Thus, the culture of the family, group or organization has become a crucial factor in how success is often defined.


47% of working Canadians consider their work to be the most stressful part of daily life.

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada. (2016). National Standard.


Psychological health problems affect mid-career workers the most, lowering the productivity of the Canadian workforce.

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada. (2016). National Standard.


Only 23% of Canadian workers would feel comfortable talking to their employer about a psychological health issue.

Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. (2016). Mental Health.

We Have a Variety of Services to Suit Your Unique Needs


Educational Lunch and Learns

  • Educate your employees to help enhance your culture, team performance and overall employee engagement
  • We can come to your office or offsite meeting for an informative 60-90 minute presentation
  • Topics related to stress/anxiety management, communication skills and performance


Engage, Connect, Grow Workshop

  • The foundation of this workshop is our book, “Engage, Connect, Grow”
  • Provide your employees with the opportunity to explore their own personal growth alongside their team
  • Your employees will be able to complete exercises related to increasing engagement in their overall life, connection to themselves and others as well tools and practices to maintain growth overall the long term
  • In addition to individual lessons, there are lessons specific for teams to help with team building, conflict, challenges and performance


One on One Coaching

  • Invest in ongoing coaching support to assist with improving performance, stress management and when challenges arise
  • This service is available to leaders, managers and employees

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