“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into
your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Are you experiencing any of the following common life challenges?

If so, you may improve your personal and work life with additional counselling support.

  • Unhappy and unfulfilled at work
  • Feeling unsure of yourself and your abilities
  • Experiencing worrying thoughts and anxiety
  • Communication breakdowns in your relationship
  • Going through a separation or divorce
  • Experiencing prolonged sadness and/or depression
  • Easily irritated or frustrated with yourself and/or others
  • The same challenges keep reoccurring in your life

Changing Negative Patterns for Something Different

There is a way out of your struggle. It starts with yourself, right where you are now.  If you can spend some time with yourself, you will in turn gain the knowledge about how to move forward from where you are now.

You may need help with looking deeper inside of yourself and learning how to view your struggles from a new perspective. This is where our counselling services can be beneficial to you.  The therapy offered gives you an opportunity to talk about your experience as well as practice what you are learning.  This involves exercises provided during your sessions.  You will also have homework so you can start creating new habits in your life outside of sessions.

Engage Coaching Services’ Approach with Clients

My approach with clients encompasses multiple perspectives.  These include Transpersonal, Bowen Family Systems Theory, and Experiential Therapy – all of which I am trained in through Clearmind International Institute.

Transpersonal involves widening the view of our life and considering a bigger reason as to why we are here – a spiritual reason. Bowen Family Systems Theory identifies who you are based on the family you came from. Our experiences impact our lives. Experiential Therapy enables a client to replay a past experience and to explore the feelings and beliefs that occurred as a result of that experience.

Life can be full of a large variety of struggles. You may be facing struggles at work, in relationships, with family or perhaps with yourself. In sessions, I guide my clients to explore the feelings arising from their struggle, and to identify any similar patterns within their family.  We determine what underlying beliefs are present and move towards the truth of what is actually occurring. My practice is focused on walking beside my clients as they move through their fears, experiencing the love that has always been inside of them.

During sessions, strong emotions and feelings may occur. This is completely normal and okay. You can experience them at your own pace. The journey to work through your struggles will require courage and willingness to see a yourself from a new perspective, to see who you are and what you stand for.

“My sessions with Aaron have been rewarding, enlightening and empowering. He has demonstrated a level of empathy, compassion and wisdom, that has made it easy for me to trust, respect and feel safe to both open and share my most vulnerable aspects of self with him. He has gently and non-judgmentally allowed and assisted me to autonomously discover, uncover and recover from some of most debilitating patterns of thought and behaviour. “ – Miles, Counselling Client

Invest in Counselling

When you invest in one-on-one counselling sessions, you are benefiting from having direct contact with a counsellor to discuss your life struggle(s).  Our counselling sessions are informative, personalized for you, interactive and confidential.  Counselling gives you an opportunity to talk about your challenges. It is also a place where you have accountability and can practice new skills that you can bring to your life.


  • The focus is on you and working on things at your pace
  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment
  • Taking responsibility for your life
  • A commitment to getting curious about the truth of what is really happening

Percentage of all those with mental illness in the world who never receive any treatment at all: 75%

Source: As reported in GAMIAN – Europe Newsletter, 10(31), Winter edition, 2008/09

The Difference Between Counselling and Coaching

We offer both coaching and counselling services.  As a counselling client, you are given the opportunity to also look closer at your situation from an emotional perspective. There will be time spent looking at your past, various patterns you may follow, your family history and your journey to where you are now. You will learn to look at your current situation differently and find ways to make improvements to achieve your goal(s).

As a coaching client, the focus will be on your current situation and your goal to achieve a desired future state. The ongoing support will be structured around what is working and what is not working to achieve your goal(s).  An action plan will be reviewed and updated for each session.

“With Aaron’s wise and empathetic input and my own attention to adhering to a mutually agreed plan of action, very positive improvements, adjustments and outcomes are being experienced in my relationship with self and others.” – Counselling Client

Invest in YOU – Counselling Services

  • 30-minute Skype or Phone consultation (free)
  • 1 Hour One-to-One Sessions via Skype, phone or in-person
  • Experiential exercises when required
  • Customized homework to complete between sessions
  • $100.00 per hour (plus applicable taxes)
  • Minimum 4 sessions
  • Weekly to start, Bi-weekly, Monthly and Quarterly
Payment Options
  • Visa, MasterCard or AMEX via PayPal; e-transfer available in Canada
Extended Medical Coverage
  • Review with your provider if you are covered for counselling

“When I first met Aaron I had lapsed quite deeply into anxiety, depression and self-aversion which were the result of inner value conflict, unresolved relationship difficulties and a painfully diminished self esteem and loss of belief in myself.” – Counselling Client

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