“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.“ – Zig Ziglar
My name is Aaron Solly. I am the founder of Engage Coaching Group.


Disconnected From It All

My own life journey has been focused on personal and professional growth. As a teenager and young adult, I silently struggled with low self-esteem and depression. For a long time, I felt disconnected from who I was and from how to express my true self to my friends, family, and coworkers. I believed things would always be this way. The problem was that I was seeing my life through the wrong lens. I was focused on my struggle instead of seeing things differently.


The SHIFT – The Heart of Who I Am & What Matters to Me!

I remember a therapist explaining to me that depression can be viewed as anger turned inward. After years of depression, this was a mind-changing moment for me. I had spent the majority of my life avoiding anger and other feelings.  My fear of public speaking, fear of failure, even fear of success!

The big shift in perspective for me was to bring my focus back to myself. I needed to become more aware of what was actually going on with me to overcome adversity.  What did I falsely believe about myself?

What is the actual truth about me? The truth about me from my heart vs. something my ego is trying to convince me of.

Positive Change

I spent over twenty years of journaling and taking additional steps to ultimately show compassion and love for myself. This enabled me to gain a sense of awareness of who I am and what amazing gifts I can bring to the world.  Now, my passion is to guide individuals, corporate teams and organizations to the heart of what truly matters to them.  Through my company, Engage Coaching Group, I am able to bring my passion to others.  I am a best selling Author, a Mental Wellness Coach, and a Facilitator. I have over fifteen years of combined business development experience in the financial services and technology industries. I am a Certified Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Federation.  I have a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology from Clearmind International Institute, and my Bachelor of Business Administration is from Simon Fraser University(major in Human Resource Management). 

I strive to guide my clients how to grow through becoming more engaged and connected to themselves.

“Aaron is an open person, sponge for information and easy to work with. He holds great space for people he works with.  He has great instinct. He creates a safe environment for clients to show up and be authentic. He works great in a team setting. He is a great role model for his clients.”
– Sean

Our Mission

To enrich and support the mental wellness of                1 million people by 2026.

Our Values

  • Authenticity
  • Passion
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Growth

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How Aaron Solly Can Help You Engage, Connect and Grow

We help by providing guidance in three key areas based on the book, “Engage, Connect, Grow – 52 Lessons to help guide individuals and corporate teams to the heart of what truly matters to them,” by Aaron Solly

We provide online programs and coaching services that guide our clients through these key areas (Engage, Connect, Grow) and look closer at what is really going on, plus the steps to move forward.

Engage is focused on participating and getting involved. Here we spend time with our clients, understanding the current participation level and why it may need to be increased.

Connect is focused on giving an individual and team the ability to get to know themselves better.  The better you know yourself and the people you are with regularly, the stronger you become in understanding your strengths and overall collective abilities.

Grow is the opportunity to put into practice a strategy to maintain engagement, to connect and lead to personal and professional growth.

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