“Challenges make life interesting; however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Mark Twain

Stop Working to Survive and Start Thriving in All Aspects of Your Life


You deserve to have the career and the family you have been dreaming about.

With all your current responsibilities, it may seem impossible.

Your clients are demanding more of your time, you have sales targets to hit and carving out quality time with your partner and kids takes a back seat.

My name is Aaron Solly. I am the founder of Engage Coaching Group. We are a B.C.-based company serving clients in Canada, the U.S. and globally.

I specialize in helping professional men over 30 increase their confidence and self worth so they can thrive in their career, as a partner and as a parent.

Ultimately, the things our clients tell us they want are:


A Fulfilling Career


Supportive Working Environment




Financial Abundance


Make a Impact


More Time with Family

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Are You Ready to get to the Heart of What Truly Matters to You?

Life is full of challenges related to work, relationships, family, health, etc. The key is how you are experiencing those challenges. Are they going to constantly take you away from what you truly desire or are you open to seeing the challenge as an opportunity to take a step forward instead of backward.

You may be at a point where you need help. The way you are handling your challenges isn’t working. You know there has got to be a different way of approaching things, but you are not sure how.

You can review the various ways we help our clients change their perception on their situation and move forward with the new insight(s) they have gained.

We Have a Variety of Services to Suit Your Unique Needs