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YVR Authors Interview – April 23rd, 2019

Spotlight Author: Aaron Solly

Engage, Connect, Grow
“52 Lessons to help guide individuals and corporate teams to the heart of what truly matters to them,” is in a self-guide format designed to help you get serious about what is really going on in your life and at work. You will have a total of 52 lessons to work through. You can take one step each week for a year to move closer to your life’s intention or goal(s).

About Aaron
Mental health expert, Aaron Solly is on a mission to make a positive impact on Canadians dealing with mental illness.

Aaron has a 20-year background in financial services, business development, counselling, adult education and human resource management which provides his clients with a unique advantage. His book, “Engage, Connect, Grow” is on the Amazon best seller list for Organizational Behavior and Workplace.

Aaron has gone through his own struggle with depression and anxiety. For many years, he kept it a secret from his family, friends and co-workers. During his corporate career, it did impact his overall performance. He had many moments of feeling like a failure, worrying about making mistakes and fearing he would lose his job.

It was when he fully committed to taking responsibility for his own situation and investing in his own mental health that his life began to change.

Today through his company, Engage Coaching Group, he helps individuals and organizations improve their interpersonal communication, leadership skills, sales and employee engagement.


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Engage Connect Grow Podcast now available

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