I had the privilege of being a guest on the podcast, “Be Simple me. No Matter what. Nothing else matters. Change the world from the inside out” with Bernadette Bruckner, MA

What was your biggest obstacle you challenged/managed to overcome in the be simply WE-ship?

My biggest challenge was getting real with myself about what was really going on. A therapist suggested to me that my depression was anger turned inward.  This was profound for me. It took me a fair bit of time to improve my beliefs and my relationship to anger.

What are your 3 biggest learnings you love to share with the audience?

1. Self care is needed, it is beneficial and it is not selfish.

2. Your voice matters.

3. There is a way to bring your passion into your work.

Your no.1 quote of you reg. “be simply we”?

“Those who look outside, dream; Those who look inside awakes.” – Carl Jung