Setting goals are linked with higher motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence, and autonomy (Locke and Lathan, 2006), and research has established a strong connection between goal-setting and success (Matthews, 2015).(Source:

If you set goals, you are ahead of the majority.  According to the University of Scranton, a whopping 92 percent of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them.

To be in that 8 percent who acheive their goals, it is important to be aware of which ways of achieving goals works best for you.

1.Status quo

This strategy involves you keep doing things the way that you have always been doing. This method has no proactive approach. You may or may not ever reach your goal. When you continue to do things the same way, you leave your goals and dreams up to chance.

This is not an effective way to reach your goals, however, it can be a strategy that is ingrained within oneself based on their values and beliefs.

Values and beliefs focused on the fact that someone else or something will make all the goals occur. If you are truly serious about achieving your goals and dreams, you will want to look at the other ways below.

 2.Do it yourself (DIY)

You can go after your goals by taking control and doing it completely on your own. You can read books, you can journal, you can listen to podcasts, read blog articles, you can watch videos, or enroll in self-study courses.

You can meditate every morning, recite affirmations to yourself, become aware of your thoughts to ensure they are focused on achieving your goal.

The key focus here is you take on the responsibility to motivate and support yourself throughout the journey. When challenges arise, you determine the best course of action and move forward. You learn from your mistakes and perhaps explore new ways to do it yourself.

 3.Group work

Another effective to achieve your goals is to do it with others. You can take a course with other people. You can attend a support group. You can join a community of individuals who are experiencing similar things and have similar goals. There are huge benefits of this option as you can hear from others and ultimately recognize you are not alone in your challenges, struggles, doubts, or worries.

You can learn new perspectives and ideas from others. You can connect with others who can help hold you accountable to achieving your goals and you can do the same for them.

 4. One on One

The fourth way is to find a mentor or coach who will work exclusively with you one on one. They will provide guidance and support to you. You can meet with them regularly to review what you have achieved, discuss what obstacles you are encountering, and determine the next steps you can take. A key thing here is they will not tell you what to do.

They will empower you and challenge you to recognize you can accomplish your goal. You have the motivation and energy to do it. Your coach or mentor is there to shine a light on the path ahead to help you see what is in front of you and support you on ways to get to your destination.

 5.Hybrid approach

Another way to achieve your goals is to take a hybrid approach. You can achieve your goals by investing in a combination of the methods mentioned above (excluding the status quo). For example, you continue reading books and listening to podcasts that are helping you with your goals. You find a group online or a workshop to work on your communication skills. You hire a coach to have someone to hold you accountable along the way.

If you consider how you learned new skills throughout your life, you most likely took a hybrid approach at some point. At work, your position will probably have key tasks you do on your own and it may have objectives related to your team or organization’s goals. There is most likely team training at some point throughout the year. Your manager may act as your coach to help you with your goals or perhaps you have found a mentor who you are working with to be in their position one day.

What method(s) works best for you?

At Engage Coaching Group, we help people in all the ways mentioned above(with the exception of Status Quo).

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