Our minds can be overrun with things we need to do, worries, desires and overall busyness.

An exercise I find very helpful at times is to write out everything that is going on in my head.

I have provided an example of a journal entry below.


So much in my head.
I am taking no action to improve my situation.
I am a follower and scared to take a stand or contribute.
I show no emotion, excitement, joy.
I put up a wall to protect myself from pain, a fear of losing.
I am constantly focused on how I can make more money, how to find time to exercise and do
fun things.
I don’t feel present.
I continue to seek help from outside.
I continue to explore new careers or business opportunities.
I have trouble focusing and end up not getting a lot done.
I need your help, guidance & support to get through this.


Exercise for You

  1. Write out whatever is going on in your head. Good, bad, ugly. Write it out and notice what happens.
  2. A powerful question to ask yourself after you do this is, what are you making it mean about
  3. Is that actually true?
  4. What is the truth about yourself from a place of compassion and understanding?

Exercise for Your Team or Group

  1. As a team or group, you could spend some time allowing people to share their thoughts about the
  2. How can you use this information to make improvements to the productivity of your team?

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