“Aaron is consummate professional with a deep passion and knowledge in his field, and a dedication/attentiveness to his clients that instilled great confidence in my belief in my ability to adapt. Through his strategies and good counsel, I navigated several tricky years, developed a heightened purpose, and a clearer, more engaged sense of personal/professional direction. Without reservation, I highly recommend Aaron and the Engage Coaching Group! Thanks Aaron!”



“Prior to seeking help from Aaron Solly at Engage Coaching Group, I was stressed and worrying about things beyond my control. I was not communicating well with my coworkers, wife and kids. I was holding things in and was not sure how to tell people how I was feeling.

This was impacting my health in multiple ways.  I wasn’t sleeping well. I wasn’t taking care of my physical and mental health.  I was constantly thinking about things replaying in my mind.  I was holding grudges against people who I had disagreements or challenging conversations with. 

 The results I have obtained from my sessions have been so beneficial to me.  I have obtained new coping strategies to deal with stress and how to maintain a healthy work/life balance.  I am more aware of things that I can and cannot control.  I learned how to effectively share how I feel with my co-workers, my wife and kids.  When a challenging situation arises, I pause and reflect on how leaders I look up to would handle the situation.  I am a better parent, co-worker and husband. I feel healthier. I am more confident with having engaging conversations with others.  

 If you are a working professional dealing with challenges related to relationships at work or at home, I believe you can benefit a lot from these life coaching sessions.”

Chuck, Senior Account Manager

“When I first came to see Aaron, I was struggling with the death of my mother. I was consuming alcohol regularly to help cope with the loss. I wasn’t motivated to play sports or work on myself.  I became moody which wasn’t normal for me.  It was causing marital problems and excessive drinking.  Plus, I was struggling to stay focused at work. 

 As a result of my sessions, I have done a total 360 in life.  I have learned so much about myself and my behaviour. I’ve learned to cope and deal with emotions rather than bottling them up. The internal conversation in my head has substantially subsided. I felt motivated after my sessions and felt the weight lifting after each visit.  I haven’t drank alcohol in over two years. My marriage is better than ever and most importantly I found myself again.

 My sessions have been priceless.  I’m back to being the person I want to be and to me that’s invaluable.  Anyone who is willing to make changes in their life and wants to put in the work to do so can benefit from working with Aaron Solly.  Mental health is a huge factor in total body health and well being. It’s also too often overlooked by men.”

Justin Young