Welcome to the first post for this new blog.

For some of my initial posts, I am going to share lessons from my new book, “Engage, Connect, Grow, 52 Lessons to guide individuals and corporate teams to the heart of what truly matters to them.” My book is going to be available in the Fall of 2017.

Part one of the book focuses on how to become more engaged in your life. The first lesson is about getting started and using journaling to do that. I hope you find it beneficial.


The definition of “to engage” is “to participate or become involved.”

It is time to wake up to what is really going on and what has being going for perhaps some time.

Over the years, the things I wrote about and the way I wrote about them changed a lot.

Ultimately, I just started writing back in the 1990s and things have evolved over time.

Some ways to get started could be the following:
• What happened yesterday or today that stands out?
• What is something you are struggling with?
• What are you looking forward to?
• What is something you would like to improve in your life?

Here is an example of one of my journal entries from the 1990s. On this day I decided to write
all the things about myself I was not happy with.

Journal Entry in 1990s
Focus too much on material things – “What’s New!”
Learn passively
Becoming too much individualistic
Not being rational with decisions I make
Relying on others’ opinions before determining my own
Not communicating my thoughts, feelings, ideas effectively
Not conscious of what others think or say
Intimidated by those of high education or popularity
Trying to satisfy everyone and forgetting about myself
Rely too much on others—follower
Weak, always in need of someone
Not focusing on goals enough
Need to be more open and direct with people
Too shy
Get uncomfortable very easily

Exercise for You

Try it. Start today. Write anything. Actually, you can draw it, paint it, record it, sing it, dance it if you prefer. There no limits to your journaling. You can use it in whatever way allows you to connect with yourself. There are only right ways to do this.

A great place to start is to write about things you have done today or things you saw on your way to work.

Exercise for Your Team or Group

Have the team members share what they wrote from the individual exercise.

Break the team into groups to write something creative together within fifteen minutes. Then you have each group share what they wrote.


Connect with others and share your experience.
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