My guest in this episode is Ruthann Weeks, Corporate Culture Strategist with Harmony in the Workplace.

She shares her story which ultimately brought her to create her company which helps organizations in areas such as violence & harassment in the workplace and workplace wellness.

In her past, she experienced relationships focused on control and manipulation which resulted in her becoming very ill.

For quite some time, she dealt with the illness on her own.  Until finally, it was so bad she realized she needed to see a doctor. Once she was assessed by a doctor, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Stress is something that is known to be a potentially major cause of this condition.

At the time, she was facing a lot of stress in her life and recognized that when the illness showed up previously it was during very stressful times in her life.

Ruthann shares about the gifts she found in the middle of the stress and struggles. She shares how she learned to change her perspective on how she viewed the world and ultimately herself.

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