You can view the recording of this webinar from March 19th, 2019.

Today, there is a paradox when it comes to success. Success brings so much to an organization in a positive way, however, it can also negatively impact employees.

As a business grows, people are faced with more responsibilities, competitive pressures, more to manage, and increased costs to name a few.

What happens to the mental and physical wellness of the employees, leaders and owners when this strategy is taken? It can cause increased stress levels, more absenteeism, conflict among staff and extended leaves of absence.

Whether you are in professional services, leadership, sales, customer service or in an administrative role, the ability to improve how you handle conflict, stress and pressure impacts your ability to succeed in your profession.

This workshop is designed for individuals seeking to improve their relationship with the stresses they face, change ineffective behaviours, shift their relationship with failures and take steps to learn how to deal with stress before it gets overwhelming.

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