Do you feel like your true self everyday?

Life can bring so much busyness, we can get caught up in the worries, stress and fears vs.the positive moments and things we are grateful for.

Over the years, I have had a number of times in my life when all the worries, doubts, judgements and
so on seemed to disappear. Everything seemed clearer. As I get older, I am having these moments
more often. I am overwhelmed with gratitude, happiness, and peace with my life.
Here is a journal entry from 2007 when I felt like myself.


I feel like the fog has left,
I feel energized again,
I feel excited,
I feel like I have a purpose,
I feel confident,
I feel focused,
I feel like laughing more,
I feel like having fun,
I feel like being silly,
I feel like a meaningful person,
I feel loved,
I feel like me.

Exercise for You

  1. Write about the times in your life when you truly and absolutely feel like yourself. Close your eyes
    and go to those times. What do you see?
  2. What do you hear?
  3. What do you feel?
  4. What does your heart say to you during those moments?
  5. How can you access the sights, sounds, and feelings related to this feeling?
  6. How can you feel like your true self on a regular basis?

Exercise for Your Team or Group

  1. Write about times when your team has performed in an efficient, productive, collaborative,
    understanding, and amazing way.
  2. If this is a new team, imagine what it would be like if your team were performing at its highest
  3. What might the team see?
  4. What might the team hear?
  5. What might the team feel?
  6. What does the heart of the team say to itself during those moments?
  7. How can the team access the sights, sounds, and feelings related to feeling like a high productive
    team on a regular basis?

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