You really can change your situation, it is possible. Recently, I did it in 75 days.

On Dec. 15th, 2021, I committed to something I told himself a few years ago I could never do.

During the beginning of COVID, I started being more active since I had less time having to commute. I went for bikes, played basketball and road hockey with my boys. Then, I injured my shoulder. I didn’t know it, but I had a long standing rotator cuff injury.

This injury didn’t go away. I thought I could use ice and heat to help it so I didn’t get help with it.

It continued to stop me from exercising and doing the activities I enjoyed doing.

I was eating all these fun tasting foods. We are making yummy meals and even yummier desserts. All the while I continued to not exercise.

In the Fall of 2020, a full time position I was in was eliminated. Stress levels and emotions were elevated. It took me some time, but I used the resources I had access to and got past it. I found new work and continued to run my coaching practice part-time.

I do remember thinking, “I am a mental wellness coach”, I should know how to handle this.

Then in the Fall of 2021, I had another full-time position get eliminated. At the time, I knew I would get through it, it still didn’t feel the greatest.

I found a career coach. I would say one of the best out there.

I started connecting with people and getting out there to see what was next for me.

In December, I met a guy in a business group I was part of. He encouraged me to do a program called, 75 Hard that you had done to get back into physical and mental shape.

Over the past couple of years, I had heard about 75 Hard and thought it was not possible for me. I have no time for it with work, kids activities, family obligations etc.

He encouraged me to listen to the podcast episode about it and then decide if it was something for me.

I committed to my physical health and my mental health.

Today is day 75!

This challenge is about mental toughness and changing who you are.

For 75 days, I said NO to negative thoughts, unhealthy behaviours, desserts(even during Christmas and my birthday), chocolate, sweet treats, savory snacks and alcohol.


-Two 45 minute workouts everyday (1 being outside, no matter what the weather)
-More fruits, vegetables and smaller portion sizes
-3 liters of water everyday
-10 pages of a non-fiction book daily

The benefits I have seen are:
-More energy
-More patience
-More time for things I enjoy
-More meaningful connections with others

I do want to thank Michael Griffiths for encouraging me to commit to this challenge and to my wife, Farrah, for all her support.

If you want to listen to the podcast episode about 75 Hard, click here to message me and I can share the link.

Note: I used a picture from earlier in 2021(prior to starting the challenge) to  reflect who I became during COVID and what I looked like prior to starting.