How does fear impact your life?

Fear can play a major role is putting up barriers which stop us from reaching our goals.  It can be direct and immediate or it can be subtle and hard to completely notice.

I have had moments in my life when fear has set in and the thoughts in my head have taken over.

Below are some examples of my journal entries related to this plus some questions to help you better understand how fear may be getting in the way of what you truly want in your life.


Once something gets difficult or challenging—job, relationships, commitments—I get
overwhelmed and have a hard time focusing. I focus on the negative. I become quiet and
have trouble responding to people when they ask my opinion. I don’t spend time properly, day
to day stuff like laundry, dishes, cleaning become overwhelming in addition to my life goals.

Things Got Difficult so I withdrew:
High School Basketball
Presentations at school
Sales positions for work


I put others in my head,
I mumble more, talk faster,
I would rather give up than fix things,
I am quiet and everyone thinks something is wrong with me,
I fear losing my job,
Everyone is looking at me funny and thinking I am acting weird,
Everyone knows I could lose my job,
I feel like a fly on the wall and I’m watching myself from a distance,
I can’t remember anything,
I can’t afford to do anything

Fear is what drives your ego. Your ego is afraid that if you start focusing on good, it will be out
of a job.

The real job of the ego is protecting you from death. The ego’s job has been glorified to the
point where it is completely over-functioning. It is taking on too much. It should focus on what
it was intended for, survival.

Do you need the latest tech gadget to survive? Your ego may think so. Do you need food,
water, sleep & exercise to survive? Yes & your ego has construed what that looks like. Plus it
gets distracted by all the media telling it to convince you to buy junk food over healthy food,
sit on the couch versus exercise.


Exercise for You

  1. Spend some time writing about times when fear sets in for you. What goes through your mind
    during these times?
  2. Perhaps, there are certain behaviours that occur when fear is running things. Is this so for you?
  3. A powerful exercise is to write about what you believe will happen if your worst fears occur. What
    might happen?
  4. What is the possibility for the end result to actually happening?
  5. What else could actually be happening that is causing the fear in the first place?

Exercise for Your Team or Group

  1. If the group has fears related to work, the group members may want to spend some time sharing
    their answers to the previous exercise.
  2. What actions can your team take to help each other remember what is actually happening when
    fears arise?

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