How are you with staying present?

How often do you find a thought takes you away from something you were trying to focus on?

I have struggled for a long time and still do with remaining present. I learned at a young age to go
into the past and future regularly. Here is a journal entry related to this.


Do we tend to say and believe we are happy, when in fact we are absolutely miserable? What
would make us want to be such a thing? I’m not saying I’m miserable, but when you look
toward the future & don’t know what to see, it’s really scary. I’m really feeling afraid of the
future. Why do I feel this way? Not knowing should make things even more exciting. I think
I just want to know everything will be alright and I figure everything out in one day. I think
worrying about it is not the answer. Life is way too short to spend it worrying. I enjoy each day
the best I can and live for the now as much as I can. Like that is easy to do!


Exercise for You

  1. Spend some time for the next few days becoming aware of yourself and the things around you. Your
    thoughts, your breathing, your feelings, the things you look at, the things you hear, the wind, the
    smells, and the tastes. Become an observer of your life. You can journal about this so you can look
    back and observe any patterns and themes.

Exercise for Your Team or Group

  1. Share the personal exercise above with your team so everyone can work on it individually. Then, the
    team can spend time having people share what they wrote about their experience.

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