You are worthy to be here and contribute to your company, community, family and the world at large just as you are.

How much do you truly believe this?

Our worthiness can be tested in various aspects of our lives based on things such as feedback from others and our own thoughts. The goal is to recognize how valuable you are as a human being no matter what others or your ego is saying about you.

I found value in who I am when I connected with something bigger than myself.  It took me many years to be open to spirituality and view my worth in a new way.  Over time, I recognized I needed to shift my view of my circumstances in order to heal. For me, God is a power greater than me and is full of unconditional love.  A spiritual resource I can connect to and remember the truth about who I truly am.

Here are two journal entries from different times in my life for you to see how my approach
to my situation shifted. From 2002  to 2012, I shifted my perspective to be able to remember the truth about me regardless of what was happening in my life.


I have come to the conclusion that I have self-confidence issues, low self-esteem and a lack
assertiveness at times. A lot of it depends on what I think someone thinks of me or how they
see me. I think the periods I have when I feel really confident are when I have had several
occurrences of thinking people are thinking highly of me. I get really embarrassed when I
need to give my opinion or speak. My job is cool and all, but I feel that I am holding back
because of a fear of rejection. It is the same cycle over and over again.
Plus, I am not busy and on the go, so I have time to ponder. My pondering tends to focus on
my negative attributes then the positive at times. I am a positive person, but I really put a lot
of pressure on little things that don’t mean too much in the grand scheme of things. I feel lost
and don’t really know my purpose. My goals include paying off my debt, travelling, buying
property, doing fun things, being happy, travelling some more, eventually get married and kids
and all that. boring? I think yup. Where is my creativity and my drive? I seem to forget about
my needs and keep trying to please others.



I learned today that my ego does things to show me what I need to hear.
I learned that I can realize the truth of the benefits of my feelings. There is fear within me that
is not required right now. It can be better used when real danger is here.
I am a good father.
I am lovable.
I matter.
Thank you, God, for your guidance today.
Bless you with all my love.

Exercise for You

  1. What specifically do you value about yourself?
  2. How much do you value yourself? Spend some time writing your answers.
  3. If you are feeling low or down, are there any ways you can view things differently?

Exercise for Your Team or Group

  1. What do members value about being part of your team or group?
  2. What can each member do collectively to remember this regularly?

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